Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced technology for tattoo removal

Technology to remove tattoos successfully and safely has been emerging for many years. Past methods of treatment included CO2 lasers and dermabrasion, both of which often left scars in place of the graphic itself. After extensive research, we consider Medlite Laser to be the most advanced, safe, and effective technology for this procedure. It is definitely the gold standard of tattoo removal without scarring.

How does it work?

During the process of tattoo removal with the Medlite Laser, pulses of laser energy safely pass through the top layer of skin, fragmenting the pigment of the tattoo into small particles which are then safely absorbed into the body. The surrounding skin will not be affected.

Results don't lie:

Tattoo Removal Before
Tattoo Removal After
Tattoo Removal Before and After

How many treatments will I need?

Regardless of size, color, or location, it is difficult to estimate the number of treatments it will take to completely remove a tattoo. There are various types of tattoos including professional, amateur, and surgical. Many factors determine the course of treatment including the types of ink and the colors used to comprise the tattoo as well as the depth of the pigment. India ink tattoos respond best to laser treatments, but still require multiple treatments. Professional black and red tattoos react positively to laser treatments, whereas yellow and green inks are much more difficult to remove. In all cases, multiple treatments spaced at 4-8 week intervals will be necessary to get optimal results from this course of treatment for tattoo removal.

Repeated sun exposure in the area of the tattoo may cause variations in texture and color of the underlying skin to become apparent once it is removed. It is important to note that any prior attempt to remove the tattoo may result in some scarring after laser treatments.

Tattoos must have been in place at least six month before they can be removed with lasers.

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